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We Bridge the Legal, Cultural, and Language Gaps Between the West and Afghanistan

We're a team of US and Afghan attorneys aiding Afghan and American clients

in resolving disputes, addressing issues with contracts, and tackling business challenges so our clients can get paid.

The Help You've Been Looking For

Are you and your business struggling with how to bridge geography, language, culture, and different legal systems?

We can make communications virtually seamless.


Our Dari and Pashto-speakers are more than just translators; they are respected attorneys familiar with both U.S. and Afghan law. Our U.S. attorneys have deep respect for Afghan culture and extensive experience in Afghanistan.


If there is a resource from the United States or Afghanistan your business needs, we will find it from our networks within the legal community, government, and private industry. 

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Our Experience Encompasses the Full Range of Government Contracting

​We do it all...

  • U.S. and Afghan contracting

  • Evaluation of technical details

  • Advising in-house procurement efforts

  • Defending procurement decisions in court

  • Challenging potentially unfair contract awards

  • Ensuring fiscal and contractual compliance

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How We Get Things Done

We have the team no one else does.

We Don't Stop Until the Job is Done.


We even work with Afghan and US banks to ensure all payment transfer details are handled.

Peace of mind is one call away. Request a consultation today.



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We match each Afghan client with precise legal talent in the United States.



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We explain the legal process in Pashto, Dari, English, and Arabic.



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In-person meetings allow Afghan clients to speak directly with US decision-makers.

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