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We Are...

Military Veterans. Accomplished Attorneys. Dedicated Entrepreneurs. 

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John N. Maher, JD, MBA, Founding Member

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Former Senior Executive General Counsel, Army Veteran, and DOJ Litigator.

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Kevin Mikolashek, JD, MBA, Managing Director

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Former DOJ Litigator, Army Judge Advocate, and fraud investigator.

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Abdul Subhan Misbah,

Founding Member, Attorney

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Accomplished Afghan attorney, Deputy of Lawyers Union, resident of U.S. and Afghanistan

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Duniya Stanikzai,

Legal Consultant, Linguist

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Accomplished Afghan and American attorney, linguist, international arbitrator 

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Bill "Coach" Carney

Investigator and Advisor

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Retired NYPD officer, 15-year civilian contractor in Afghanistan working US Government contracts 

What Makes Us Different

The Experience You Won't Find Anywhere Else

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Strategic Planning and Execution

We are trial attorneys, but also former Army officers. We learned from the best leaders. We plan and execute your strategy as you would any operation.

Lorance Allan West Capitol Hill 6 4 2019

Unparalleled Access to Government Officials

We can help create and implement a strategy that includes media, and the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of the Government.

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Business Acumen and Education


We have launched and run our own small businesses, and completed mid-career MBA programs to understand better operations and strategy.

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Ability to Reach Across the World

Litigating against the United States Government is difficult, and even more so if you are overseas. We have the experience to help get you paid.

Maher Canon House Office Building April

Trial Attorneys, not just "Litigators"


When efforts to negotiate fail, you need experienced trial attorneys by your side. We address every challenge as though we may have to go to trial.


Accessibility and Approachability

We strive to understand the challenges facing you, including how they impact you personally, your family, and your future.

See Us In Action

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