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We Reach Across Oceans and Continents 

Here are some of the challenges we can help you navigate.

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Government Issues

  • Litigation

  • Fiscal, Regulatory, and Contractual Compliance

  • Vendor Vetting

  • Intelligence Ratings

  • Installation Access

  • Suspension and Debarment

  • International Contract Disputes

  • Procurement Fraud Investigations

  • Collecting on Unpaid Leases/Invoices

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution  

  • Visa and Immigration-Related Investigations

  • Technical Evaluation Criteria Review

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Business-to-Business Issues

  • Litigation

  • Forensic Audits

  • Internal Fraud Investigations

  • International Contract Disputes

  • Internal, Employment-Related Investigations

  • Collecting on Unpaid Leases and Invoices

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Fraud and Anti-Corruption Training - including Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

  • Recouping Equipment and Personal Property

Success is in the Details.

We succeed when others don't.

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"After years of trying to get paid, with no success, I went to Misbah Maher. I was paid the substantial invoice in a matter of months without having to file a lawsuit.


Without Misbah Maher, my family and I would not have been able to collect for the goods and services we supplied and my company would have take a significant financial loss."

Najeeb Pashtial

CEO - Sepat Najeeb Construction Company

Lashkar Gah O&M Services Contract

The Experience and Connections You Need. 
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